Writing was one of my first loves. When I was a little girl, I wrote to my teacher in an assignment that I wanted to be both a novelist and an Olympic diver when I grew up. (Clearly I had high hopes for my time management skills.) I have since traded my bathing suit and goggles for running shoes and spandex, but haven’t given up my passion for storytelling. In 2010 I graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Journalism and Political Science. Since then I have been building my communication skills by working as a health writer, social science researcher, and teaching assistant.

An interest in people is at the core of my desire to write. My favourite journalism professor, Dave Tait, once told my reporting class: “We do journalism because relationships based on understanding are more productive than relationships based on prejudice.” He was (and is) right. I have seen the power of media harnessed to change minds and build bridges, to enlighten and surprise, to inform and delight. So, no matter how far I drift away from my days on the diving board, I keep coming back to good old fashioned notebooks and pens.

Below is a selection of my published work, chosen to demonstrate my range of skills and interests. You can click on the thumbnails to access each piece. Feel free to direct any comments or queries to me at carlypender [at] gmail [dot] com.






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